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Azul Hot
Azul Board Game
Board Games 3047
(Updated: April 29, 2019)
It's easy to see why this has been all over the place. It's a beautifully designed game. It presents itself as a quick, light, puzzle game, when in fact there's a good deal of depth there should you wish to explore it. It's a nice social game; you can chit chat and hang out while you play it. (It think the rules, though, are a little bit too fussy to make it appeal to non-gamers, though, but I could be wrong about that.)

For me, though, it just falls short. It's not particularly fun. While there's definitely strategy to be had, and the other players do matter, it didn't really feel like I was doing much of anything interesting. I'm just not into abstracts that much. I like Qwirkle, I like Ingenious, and I like Azul, but neither of the formers are games I own or feel compelled to request, and neither is the latter, as attractive as it is.
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