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Board Games 14997
"I'll spend this turn healing my sanity"
I am truly stunned by how much I love this game. I never thought that I could love a cooperative game, but this one really has everything. The theme is just perfectly melded with game play. You ARE fighting a Horrible Monster, and you and your friends MUST save the world. The cards are beautiful. The characters are GENIUS both in terms of their imaginative back stories and also in how their abilities and weaknesses in the game so perfectly match who they are. Wonderful. Lot's and lot's of dice rolling chaotically to the cheers of friends and family together. This game has a somewhat high level of complexity, but that just adds layers to the various dimensions of fun that are here for time after time of outrageous, tooth gritting, and laughing out loud adventures.

My favorite part of this game is sitting back and watching all the players interact to discuss how they can use their abilities, spells and objects to the best advantage of the group. Arguments are fun too!

This is a perfect game. My only six star rating.
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