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Black Fleet Board Game
Board Games 4374
(Updated: April 29, 2019)
Everyone loves Merchants and Marauders. It's just a great time. However, it can be long, and the combat can get fussy. You don't really want to play it with four.

Thankfully, Black Fleet is here to help you out. It's not M&M. It's far lighter, less narrative. But when you have a hankering to do some damage to another player's pirate fleet, and can't do M&M, it's right there. What's more, all players have two ships, so it's truly merchants AND marauders, not merchants OR marauders.

In addition, the way players spend money for upgrades, which also advances the game, makes the board situation more and more dangerous as it goes on. And this can unfold in different ways.

Black Fleet is a fun, light game with a lot of smack-around. It's not M&M but will definitely do in a pinch.
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