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Titan Board Game

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Valley Games

Titan is a masterwork of Ameritrash design. 

Up to six players take on the role of "Titans", fast, strong, leaders that muster minions into legions for battle. As more battles are fought and successfully completed, one's Titan grows stronger; gaining the ability to teleport, and throwing more dice when striking. The unique concept of masterboard for strategy (recruiting and hunting) and battleboards for tactics (for fights, with terrain modifiers), make this one of the finest AT games ever made. Detractors complain of game length and complexity, but these are the same facets of the game that have this long out-of-print title fetching three figure sums on auction sites. There simply is not a better game at blending action and strategy in a fantasy setting. A recent 2008 re-issue from Valley Games finally brings the visual presentation up to the level of the gameplay.

Free play-by-email is available at ACTS

A free Java version called Colossus is available for solo or networked play via hosted games. 

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A sublime mix of strategies make for a truly gripping game which can take years to master. This is the multiplayer conflict game that avoids all the issues that usually plague multiplayer conflict games. The more I play this the better it gets - but beware the absurdly long play time! 
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Dynamite made of cardboard chits
(Updated: August 28, 2008)
I love this solo in Colossus, I love it PBEM with fellow ATers and I'll love this in person when that Valley Games bomb finally hits my house. It takes probably three or four plays before you even know what the hell you're doing--but once it clicks, a whole new world opens up. Then when you actually start to get good, it gets that much better.
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Ugh no, no no.
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