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  • Zodiac - Tow Jockey Five Second Review

    Frustration. It is the theme that runs throughout this account of the murder spree of a killer who called himself "The Zodiac" in the area of San Francisco in the late 60s and early 70s. Frustration, when during the few murder scenes, that we are unable to warn the people of their danger. Frustration felt by the police for the media who amplify and encourage the killer's need for attention. Frustration amongst the police of several jurisdictions who fail to cooperate with each other. Frustration amongst the media who feel the police are not doing enough. Frustration felt by the wife of a man who obsesses about the murders to the extent that his marriage falls apart around him. And most of all, frustration that the identity of the killer remains unknown. I do not typically enjoy movies about psychopaths but this one drew me in in spite of myself because it is more about the people whose lives were altered by the ripple effect created by the killer's actions than the killer himself. I also really liked the views of the city throughout the movie. They were exceptionally well done. Mark Ruffalo also stands out in his performance of the Inspector in charge of the investigation.

    Netflix Status: DVD and Blu Ray only