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  • Fail Harder with Hero Master - Now on Kickstarter

    Found this out of the blue, and can't claim to know anything about the game itself but the aesthetic is mightily appealing. Some of the most fun I've had in gaming - especially with co-op games - comes from times we've done really, really badly. So the idea of making a whole game about that seems gold. 


  • Fallen Designer Diary #3 - Challenges

    Fallen's Designer Diary #3 wades deep into battle to see how Challenges are resolved. We'll show how the custom dice are used as well as Power cards, Fortune dice,  Ultimate abilities, and Equipment cards.

    The Challenges in Fallen cover a wide range of dangers a adventurer may encounter in a dungeon such as disarming a trapped room as the walls close in, casting a spell to keep dark spirits at bay, and fighting battles with goliaths at the bottom of the dungeon.

    Lead Designer Tom Green presents the third designer diary video giving an closer look at the mechanics of Challenges for both the Hero and Dungeon Lord.

  • Fallen Premiere Video


    Watch the epic video showing off the dungeon, adventure game Fallen. As the Hero, explore a dangerous labyrinth filled with deadly traps and cursed magic, or summon monstrous creatures as the Dungeon Lord.

    With treasures, creatures, power cards, skills, story cards, omens, critical cards, and custom dice, Fallen offers endless adventure.

  • Fallout: New California Expansion

    Ah, California: sunshine, ocean breezes, and radioactive wasteland as far as the eye can see. This desolate coastal state was once a shining jewel, but since the Great War, the region known as New California has fallen into chaos. Which is great news! Where there’s chaos, there’s loot!

  • Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) announces BATTLEMIST reprint, RUNEWARS

    Fantasy Flight Games AnnouncesRunewars


    Fantasy Flight Games announced today that they will releaseRunewars, a new game of quests, battles, andempire-building by Corey Konieczka.

    "Corey has come up with the massive fantasy empire-building game that fans have been demanding," saidJeremy Stomberg of FFG. "With rich game mechanics as well as innovative 3D mountain terrain,Runewarsrepresents a big leap forward in tabletop games!"

    Taking place in the world of Terrinoth (the same setting as FFG'sDescent: Journeys in the Dark andRunebound),Runewars will be released in FFG's Epic-sized box format, containing nearly 200 plasticminiatures, a large amount of terrain including 3D mountains, plus hundreds of cards and tokens.

    Runewars is designed for 2-4 players, with an MSRP of $99.95, and is scheduled for release this winter.

    About Fantasy Flight Games:

    Roseville, Minnesota’s Fantasy Flight Games is a publisher of board, card, and role-playing games. Founded in1995 by Christian T. Petersen, Fantasy Flight has published hundreds of successful titles, includingBattlestar Galactica: The Board Game, the Lord of the Ringsseries of board games; board and card games based on H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos and George R. R. Martin’sA Game of Thrones, and many original board gamessuch asTwilight Imp erium, Runebound,andDescent: Journeys in the Dark.

  • Fantasy Flight Games and Stronghold Games Announce Resolution to The “Merchant Of Venus” Board Game Publishing

    Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) and Stronghold Games (SG) are pleased to have reached a favorable resolution regarding the publishing of a new edition of the classic “Merchant of Venus” board game.

  • Fantasy Flight Games Announces New Edition of Drakon

    Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the new edition of Drakon, a classic board game of treasure and dragonfire for two to six players!

  • Fantasy FLight Games Launches New Site; announces ANDROID


  • Fantasy Flight Games Producing XBL/PSN Versions of TIDE OF IRON, WINGS OF WAR; iPhone CITADELS

  • Fantasy Flight Games to Do Television Ads

    Just read this on, a sometimes interesting industry site, and thought I'd share:
  • Fantasy Flight Games® to Merge into Asmodee Group™

    Paris, France; Roseville MN, November 17th, 2014. Today, Asmodee – a leading international publisher and distributor – and Fantasy Flight Games – a worldwide recognized hobby games publisher – proudly announced the pending merger of the two companies. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.


  • Fantasy Flight Games® to reprint Tigris & Euphrates

    Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that they are publishing Tigris & Euphrates, Reiner Knizia's award-winning game of rival dynasties at the dawn of human civilization.

  • Fantasy Flight Raising Prices Across the Board

  • Fast & Furious: Highway Heist Board Game Announced by Funko Games

    Play as a team from the high-energy blockbuster films to stop enemies in their tracks in this cooperative strategy game by Prospero Hall.

  • FFG Announces another big box- HORUS HERESY!!!

    OK, this just in from FFG. The new big box game is HORUS HERESY, obviously a 40K-themed board game and I _think_ it may actually be a ridiculously produced edition of the old game of the same name, it's not really clear.

    The bad news is that it's another $100 two player only game. That's a little disappointing for a FFG big box. The good news is that it looks and sounds awesome, and if it's the old GW game it should be really good. If it does well, maybe they'd do BATTLE FOR ARMAGEDDON and DOOM OF THE ELDAR too.

    Overall, I think it's great news- I've been wanting more 40K board games, and here it is. The box looks awesome, and the pieces pictured look great. Slated for March 2010.

    Read more here-

  • FFG announces MIDDLE-EARTH QUEST for summer release, Hobbits rejoice

  • FFG Rolls 5s, 6s with new ARKHAM HORROR Dice

    Arkham Horro DiceJust got a press release from House Petersen...they're entering into a partnership with Q-Workshop to release some special ARKHAM HORROR dice. They look pretty cool, black with green print, and featuring an art deco font, some filigree, and Elder Signs for the 5s and 6s. That's a cool touch. They should have had Montery Jack face-palming for the 1s. There are pictures, but I'm an idiot and can't get them small enough to post here. I'll try again in a little while.

    They'll be available anywhere finer dice are sold.

    What's next? ARKHAM HORROR miniatures?


  • FFG to release Silver Line version of Lord of the Rings

    Fantasy Flight Games has announced the upcoming release of a Silver Line version of the Reiner Knizia cooperative game, Lord of the Rings.  The new version will retain the famous John Howe illustrations while also updating some of the graphics and components.  There is no word yet about whether any of the expansions are planned to be released in this format, but this version will not be compatible with the existing expansions.

  • Flatlined Games Essen update

    Dragon Rage updated player aid
    At Flatlined Games, we want our products to be of perfect quality.
    The reprint of Dragon Rage was tainted by a small typographic error on one of the player aids : the Dragon target values for the wings (4+) and legs (5+) had been inverted on the Dragon Combat Summary player aid.
    We immediately made available on our website a corrected PDF, but we felt this was not enough to correct this small typo.
    So, we reprinted the Dragon Combat player aid, with the english version on one side and the french version on the other. We will include that corrected player aid on all future shipments, of course.
    We cannot ship the updated player aid to all existing customers of Dragon Rage, but any customer coming to our booth (4-216) at the Essen Spiel'11 fair with the 'proof of purchase' token will receive one, with our apologies.

    Dragon Rage in Essen
    The remaining 1000 copies of Dragon Rage will be available on our booth (4-216) at the Essen Spiel'11 fair with English, French or Spanish rules. A limited print run of 200 german copies will be available from our german partner, Brave New World (6-111).

    Rumble in the House available at Essen Spiel '11 and in Belgium
    We also are happy to announce that we received our shipment of 'Rumble in the House' from Ludofact. They did a great work and the components quality is very good. Rumble in the House will be available on our booth (4-216) at the Essen Spiel'11 fair. The game will also be available in Belgian shops starting Tue 14/11/11, for those not going to Essen. This first print run of 2900 copies is available in five languages : French, English, German, Dutch, and Spanish.
    We will be looking for distributors at the fair so the game will hopefully be widely available shortly thereafter.

  • Flatlined Games news - Q3 2012

    Hi everybody, here are some news from Flatlined Games HQ :