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  • Lock 'n Load Publishing Announces Line of Fire #9 on Sale!

    Line of Fire #9Line of Fire #9 is now available as a downloadable PDF from Lock 'n Load Publishing. It’s another packed issue, with over 60 pages of content, all for only $14.99.
    The issue includes tactics articles for All Things Zombie, Tank on Tank and House of Spirits. A spiffy new version of Mark Mitchell’s All Things Zombie FAQ. Batreps for scenarios from The Untold Stories and for an ATZ scenario included in the issue. An in-depth review of John F. Stanoch’s Black Cross / Blue Sky by Blue Sky Game Works. A Lock ‘n Load Nationality Capabilities Chart. Previews of Nations at War: Desert Heat and Run, Fight, or Die! Plus articles on Memoir ’44 and a Curmudgeon’s view of the hobby.

  • Locke & Key: Shadow of Doubt Board Game Announced by IDW

    Based on IDW’s best-selling graphic novels created by Joe Hill and Gabe Rodriguez, as well as the hit Netflix series, Locke & Key: Shadow of Doubt invites 3-6 players to unlock the mysteries of Keyhouse.

  • Mansions of Madness 1st edition Conversion Kits Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

    Fantasy Flight Games has announced that conversion kits for Mansions of Madness 1st edition are now avalible on their website.

  • Mansions of Madness Replacement Cards Now Available from Fantasy Flight Games

    The eleven corrected cards from Mansions of Madness (the base game) that were included in the Forbidden Alchemy Expansion are now available upon request for people who do not plan on purchasing Forbidden Alchemy. Detailed information can be found on FFG's website: Learn how to request your set of reprinted cards.

  • Mansions of Madness: Path of the Serpent

    Take on the role of Arkham’s bravest investigators who must step into the unexplored wilderness of the Amazon jungle and explore crumbling ruins, discover the secrets of lost civilizations, and stop a serpent’s curse before the world descends into chaos. In three new scenarios, you will battle horrifying serpent creatures, face stone monstrosities that come to life, and beat the ever-present danger of being lost to the jungle forever. Are your ready for a new challenge?

  • Marvel Team-Up with Aconyte (Asmodee) for Super Novels


    Asmodee Entertainment are delighted to announce that Aconyte, the new fiction imprint of global games group Asmodee, has secured a multi-year agreement with Marvel Entertainment to create new prose stories based around an exciting roster of Marvel’s comic book characters. The first novels are slated to appear in Fall 2020, in trade paperback, ebook and audiobook editions.

  • Marvel Villainous In Stores Now

    Dominate the Marvel universe as an iconic comic book villain! Each villain follows a unique path to victory; each uses different abilities to face other villains and mighty heroes from across the universe. Choose Thanos, Hela, Ultron, or two other villains to be announced soon and fulfill your dark destiny!

  • Mayfair Announces English Version of Star Trek: Catan

    Mayfair Games is proud to announce that Mayfair Games and CBS® have certified a license agreement for the publication of Star Trek: Catan™, the latest game in best-selling The Settlers of Catan™ family of board games!

    Star Trek: Catan™ transports the timeless game play of The Settlers of Catan™ to the final frontier of the Star Trek universe. Designed by legendary Catan creator Klaus Teuber, this game features a randomized game board so the game is different each time you play.

    Star Trek: Catan™ brings the beloved characters of the original Star Trek series to life through a series of support cards. Enlist the aid of ten classic Star Trek characters including Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura as you settle and develop worlds necessary for the expansion and survival of the Federation.

    Star Trek: Catan™ previews at Gen Con, Indianapolis in August 2012 and sold exclusively through U.S.A. based Target® stores beginning in the autumn. Hobby exclusive Star Trek: Catan™ products are also planned.

  • Mayfair Games' Assets Acquired by Asmodee North America

    As of today, the management team at Mayfair Games, Inc. announces we will wind down game publishing. After 36 years, this was not an easy decision or one we took lightly, but it was necessary. Once we had come to this conclusion, we knew we had to find a good home for our games which is when we reached out to Asmodee.

  • Mechant of Venus: Update from Stronghold Games

    As many of our customers already know, back in October while we were in Essen, we announced a reprint of Merchant of Venus, a Richard Hamblen designed game, after 18 months of discussions directly with Mr. Hamblen.

    To our surprise, a day later Fantasy Flight Games also announced a reprint of Merchant of Venus.  Of course, under normal conditions, with licensing contracts granting exclusivity, this should not have been possible.  Fantasy Flight Games had obtained their license of the game from a different party, and of course neither FFG nor Stronghold Games was aware of each other's pursuit of this game license.

  • Memoir '44 Expansions Returning to Stores

    Days of Wonder has announced that that Memoir '44 expansions will be returining to stores by the end of this year.

  • Michael Barnes Proudly Presents F:AT Double Secret Satan 2013

    The time has come. Names by 12/2, Gifts by 12/20.

  • Michael Barnes Proudly Presents F:AT SECRET SATAN 2012!

    YES YES Y'ALL, it's time for the holladaze and that means that it's also time for one of F:AT's most cherished and beloved traditions- "Let's See How Badly Barnes Can Screw Up Matching Up Two Names With Addresses On A List". Ho ho ho! No, that's not what it's called- it's SECRET SATAN 2012!

  • Michael Barnes Proudly Presents F:AT Secret Satan 2014 (now with RULES!)

    Join us for a "down home" diabolical Holiday celebration!

  • Milch and Gherkin Deluxe Edition Announced

    In 17th century Bayern, nobles are willing to do anything to sate their hunger for milk and pickles

  • Minority Game Makers Urge Retailers to Commit to Diversity and Inclusion

    Minority game makers ban together to pen an open letter to retailers urging commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • Miremarsh - A game of evil deeds, death and tentacles - Kickstarter Launch!

    Enter the Miremarsh at your own peril...

  • Monolith Reveal Plans to Use Kickstarter as Store Front to Sell Claustrophobia 1643

    Monolith, creators of Conan, Batman: Gotham City Chronicles and Mythic Battles board games, has announced controversial plans to use Kickstarter as a store front. They plan to produce 10,000 copies of Claustrophobia 1643, ship them to distribution centers, and then sell them via Kickstarter. Monolith says, "Many of our supporters will be able to play and manipulate the final product even before the campaign and all will be delivered within the six weeks that follow."

  • Monsterpocalypse to go Non-Collectible

    From the Privateer Press website:

    While the Monsterpocalypse website has remained relatively quiet since the DreamWorks movie announcement, behind the scenes has been a constant flurry of activity as Privateer Press continues to work closely with our new partners defining the future of everyone’s favorite kaiju game.

    In light of the success of the Monsterpocalypse battle miniatures game two-player starter released last October, Privateer Press has decided to move Monsterpocalypse into a new non-collectible format. Privateer Press will be releasing the first follow-up,Monsterpocalypse: Dangerous Monster Zone, in summer 2011. The expansion will feature figures from classic Monsterpocalypse series for the factions introduced in the core game. The new non-random format allows collectors and players to fill out their favorite factions easily, as each box will be clearly marked with its specific faction set.


  • More Target Exclusive Games Coming Soon

    Target continues to expand it's "Only-at-Target" exclusive board games.

    On July 30th, Target announce that they will be "rolling out 130+ new games—including 95 only-at-Target finds" in the coming year.