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  • The Snallygaster Situation: Kids on Bikes Board Game Now Available for Pre-Order

    A cooperative board game in the Kids on Bikes universe!

  • The SPIRIT #9 released

    Issue #9 of The SPIRIT - a boardgames magazine for everyone - has just been released. It's 80+ pages of articles, interviews, reviews, and opinion, and it's all FREE too (PDF).

  • Thornhenge launches "Lyssan" on Kickstarter

    San Francisco, CA - JUNE 19th, 2011 - Thornhenge Games is pleased to announce the Kickstarter launch of its first boardgame, Lyssan.

    Lyssan is a medieval land wracked by never-ending civil war, a unified empire in name only. Players in the game contend for the throne with mighty knights, canny nobles, scheming priests, and devious spies. Each claimant-emperor must outmaneuver their rivals on the battlefields and in the shadows, or find their claim ended at the edge of a blade.

    "I'm immensely proud of Lyssan," said game author Sam Brown, "It blends euro-simple rules with the cut-throat competitiveness of a wargame. The action starts on the very first turn, and continues through the entire game, with a constant need for deep, strategic choices."

    Kickstarter supporters have the chance to pre-order the game at a discount from the retail price while claiming promotional cards not included in the retail version. Retailers pre-ordering via kickstarter can also claim the promo cards for their copies, while securing the same bulk-order rate Thornhenge will be offering after the pre-order period is complete.

    Lyssan is 2-4 player game, ages 12 and up. A typical game completes in under 3 hours.

    For more information, visit:


  • Through the Ages: New Leaders and Wonders

    This is your chance to change history!

  • Thunder Road Reboot Announced by Restoration Games

    Restoration Games has announced that it will be rebooting the 1986, Mad Max inspired board game Thunder Road as Thunder Road Vendetta. 

  • Thunderstone Advance Level-Up Weekend!

    Ready to Level Up?

    You might have already seen some of the great reviews we’re getting around the Web for Thunderstone Advance. Tom Vasel of Dice Tower reviews said, “I cant say enough good things about it.” The official release is scheduled for Monday, March 12. But you can get your copy early!

    Game stores around the world are hosting a pre-release Level Up Event from March 2 until March 8. This week will your first chance to get your hands on the smash deckbuilder, with a bonus.

    Participating Level Up retailers will receive Thunderstone Advance for sale before anyone else. In addition, they’ll receive an Avatars mini-expansion from distributors. Avatars will be FREE to customers who purchase the game during Level Up week. After that, they’ll be on sale for $9.99, so talk to your store owner about how to get them free during the store’s event.

    Talk to your retailer now to reserve a copy and make sure you get your free Avatars! Tell retailers to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information!

  • Tiny Towns: Fortune

    In Tiny Towns: Fortune, the creatures of the forest have prospered under your leadership, and the town is thriving! With the new prosperity comes wealth and fortune, along with the ability to create in new and exciting ways!

  • Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game open for pre-order

    An iconic franchise but a quick scan of the website reveals no details at all.
  • Top Gun: Strategy Game

    Top Gun: Strategy Game lets puts players in the pilot seats of Team Maverick/Goose and Team Iceman/Slider. Each team takes on the other during a intense air combat training exercise. Pilots must strategically maneuver their planes and coordinate with their Weapons System Operator. Intense gravity-defying aerial maneuvers and securing a valuable target lock on their opponent will secure a swift victory.

  • Toy Story Obstacles & Adventures: A Cooperative Deck Building Game

    Disney and Pixar's Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures reimagines players as the iconic toys from the film-Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep and Rex-who need to work together to overcome hazards and bring about a happily-ever-after ending. Using the same deck building mechanic used in the award-winning Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle that allows players to experience a progressing storyline, Disney and Pixar's Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures features six boxes of cards, each representing a different movie from the treasured property. As each box is unlocked, the content from the associated movie or short is introduced to the game, adding beloved characters like Hamm and Mr. Pricklepants to the mix, as well as obstacles and antagonists to battle, including Sid, Prospector Pete and many more.

  • Toy Vault Announces 'Firefly' Boardgame Plans

    The crew of Toy Vault, Inc. is thrilled to announce a licensing partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products to create table-top games, plush, and novelty items for the fan-favorite television show, “Firefly.” The first items will arrive in late Spring 2013.

  • Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings Expansion Announced

    For the first time in years, a massive wealth of new content arrives for Twilight Imperium with the Prophecy of Kings expansion, bringing additional content to nearly every part of the game. 

  • UFOs Sighted! - XCOM: The Board Game Is Now Available

    All attempts to contact the invaders thus far have failed. Their only purpose seems to be destruction and chaos. One fact is quite clear: the militaries of the world are severely outgunned. In the absence of a miracle, this could very well be the end of civilization as we know it…

  • UK Games Expo Report #1 - Kickstarter Edition: Escape the Dark Castle, The Dice Dungeon, Coral Island

    This train is full of nerds. They're crammed in like geeky sardines, like the filling in a maths sandwich. The people in front of me are talking about Paranoia. The man standing in the aisle is wearing a Catan t-Shirt. There is unshorn hair and beard everywhere. I feel sorry for the poor woman next to me, who is an ordinary Saturday traveller trying to get to Coventry.

  • Ultramarines Teaser

    70 minutes straight to DVD

  • Underwater Cities

    Build your deep sea nation.

  • Underwater Cities: New Discoveries

    New Discoveries offers may new challenges.

  • Unleash the Figatures!!

    War Unleashed is now available and will be hitting stores any day– MSRP 13.99 GBP.

    War Unleashed introduces large battlefields to the War for Edath game. These battlefields can be downloaded for free from an expanding library on WarriorElite’s website. To begin with basic terrain – grass, woods, hills and marsh – will be available but gamers can look forward to subterranean, aerial, urban and other environments.

    War Unleashed is also being supported with a range of card miniatures – figatures! Again, these are free to download direct from WarriorElite’s website, are easy to assemble and look great on the battlefields. The library of figatures will be added to regularly and will grow to not only include troops but terrain such as woods, buildings, ruins, and more as well.

    Included in the book are rules for playing on the battlefields, rules for running a campaign within a region of the fantasy world of Edath and expanded rules for the use of champions and leaders.

    Finally, War Unleashed contains details on the world of Edath itself – its warring factions, history, supernatural, magic and more.

    144 fully illustrated pages plus 8 colour plates. To play the War Unleashed rules, gamers just require a copy of the base set – War for Edath (aka. War for Edadh).

    Game co-creator - Nigel Pyne – described the release, “War for Edath was designed as a battle game. It just happened to use cards. Whereas the battlefield in War for Edath was a bit abstract – being a single card – War Unleashed provides gameplay over battlefields gamers are more familiar with and where tactical deployment and movement of troops is key.”

  • Unmatched - Epic Duels Reboot From Restoration Games

    Epic Duels is back...kind of!

  • Unmatched: Bruce Lee

    The first solo-hero expansion for Unmatched will debut at Gen Con.