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Wait, That’s a Game?! on Kickstarter Now

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on Kickstarter Now

Game Information

Kickstarter Information

Base Pledge
Start Date
February 16, 2021
End Date
March 02, 2021
Estimated Delivery
April 2021
There Will Be Games

Play an exorcist nun, a tech guru stopping AI, a local reporter evading the supernatural element & more, designed by queerdos!

Wait, That’s a Game? is a collection of four zines, each its own independent RPG. The game ideas are perfectly suited to the smaller zine format, and each will run anywhere between 8-20 pages apiece. The four games are great for one-shots, but a more traditional campaign-style will definitely work. There is one freebie zine, Daemonium Venatrix, available on DrivethruRPG, to help you make up your mind.

All these zines are queer-friendly. They were created by queer designers, illustrated by queer artists, and mostly playtested by fellow queerdos. What does that mean exactly? The games’ language and art will be inclusive and people not traditionally represented in RPGs will feature prominently. (While the hobby has made great strides of late, there’s still a need for representation from queers, POC, and similar groups.) 

Daemonium Venatrix: Cast out demons by finding what a victim loves, regrets, and suffers from.

Daemonium Venatrix was inspired by a normal Latin-English dictionary. Here, you’ll play a nun who specializes in exorcising demons from afflicted humans. You will investigate the possessed’s life to find objects that represent what they love, what they regret, and what pain made them susceptible to possession. When ready for the exorcism, you will need to translate the object’s names into Latin and read the exorcism rite out loud. (Yes, in actual Latin.)

Nerd Division Go!: Keeping AI from taking over the world, one smart fridge at a time.

Nerd Division Go! was inspired by an old reality show called Operation Repo (and repo in general). In this world, you play characters with a double life. On the surface, you are a Geek Squad-like technician visiting people’s homes and fixing Internet of Things devices. But you are also a secret agent stopping sentient AI from causing the Singularity.

Outlast for Cash: Manipulate, backstab and deceive your way into one million dollars.

Outlast for Cash was inspired by competitive reality shows like Survivor. You play two characters (one from each “tribe”) backstabbing your way into winning the $1 million grand prize. Each game will consist of immunity challenges, social time and alliance building, and then the tribal circle where one character gets voted off each ‘week’.

Bury the Lede: Turn boring stories into ratings hits–just nothing supernatural, please.

Bury the Lede was inspired local TV news (and how dull it can be). In this world, you will be a member of a TV news team stuck in Ohio. You’re trying to get promoted to a real city like Chicago by hyping up boring local stories. You could do that by running stories on the supernatural conspiracy in town, but reveal too much and someone (or something) might make you disappear.

Farmer Human: What happens when the farm animals are smarter than the farmer?

Farmer Human was inspired by the old sitcom Mr. Ed and the novel Animal Farm (but don’t worry as there’s no communism subtext). You play an intelligent farm animal trying to save your farm from a hipster with no knowledge of agriculture and the evil Wayne Agricultural LLC. You’ll have to balance doing human things with animal things to make sure you don’t become Another Human or a Wild Animal.

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