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  • Rob Daviau Leaves Hasbro; Starts IronWall Games

    From Game Salute and others reporting on press release that I can't locate independantly:

    After 14 years with Hasbro, Rob Daviau (Risk Legacy, Heroscape, Risk 2210AD) is leaving to form his own company, IronWall games. The decision came after Hasbro relocated Daviau’s job 100 miles to Providence last fall. After a year of working and commuting and otherwise living like a wandering monster, Daviau decided to set off on his own. His last day at Hasbro will be September 14t.h

    “Big change, realllly big change,” said Daviau. “When I started at Hasbro, the Monica Lewinsky scandal was going on. So it’s been about a third of my life and most of my adult life. Looking forward to doing my own thing.”

    IronWall Games will provide design, development, and rules consulting for game companies, both in the mass market and hobby genres. It will also produce original games, mostly within the hobby market.

    IronWall Games starts October 1st.

  • Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the cursed Island by Portal Games will be published in English by Z-man games!

    We are proud to announce that we will be publishing the English version of the new game from Portal games by Ignacy Trzewiczek, Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the cursed Island.

    Robison Crusoe is a cooperative game at its best. Players must discuss, debate and learn to make sacrifices in order to survive the game.

  • Rogue Agent first mission module available as free download


    First mission module for Rogue Agent is released and is downloadable for free.

  • Root: The Underworld Coming to Retail This Spring

    Return to the world of Root with new factions, maps, and an alternative game deck!

  • Rumble in the House - Product announcement


    Essen Spiel booth 4-216

    Rumble in the House box

    Rumble in the House

    Flatlined Games is pleased to announce our second game : Rumble in the House, by Olivier Saffre.

    Rumble in the House will be released in Semptember, shortly before the Essen Spiel'11 Game Fair.
    Flatlined games will be present at Essen Spiel'11, in booth 4-216.

    About the Game

    Living together in a small house is not easy... When the pressure is too high, it's time for a big rumble in the house! Try to keep your secret character inside the house as long as possible.

    Rumble in the House is a very simple game of bluffing and guessing.

    Characters are placed in the house during setup. Each player gets two secret character tokens. Players may in turn move or eliminate ont of the characters in the house. The player that kept one of his secret characters in play for the longest time shall win the round. During the game, other player's actions provide clues about their identity, or intended false leads. Each player tries to guess which are the other player's characters in order to eliminate them, while keeping their own safe.

    The simple mechanics and short play time make Rumble in the House a family game for 3 to 6 players aged 8 years and older.

    The humoristic art from Kwanchai Moriya perfectly suits this minimalistic party-game.

    Rumble in the House is a small format box (11x11x3Cm) and will be available in a multilingual edition including rules in English, French, Spanish, Dutch and german. MSRP is 15€.

    You can download the rules from our website :

    Matériel Rumble in the House

    About the Author

    Olivier Saffre, a.k.a. 'ken Rush' online, comes from harchies, belgium.

    This young father is a passionate gamer, playing roleplaying games, LARP, board games, miniatures games and video games. Ruble in the House is his first published design. He also is passionate about anything zany and kitsch, in every possible domain.

    About Flatlined Games

    Flatlined Games is a new boardgames publisher, based in Brussels, Belgium.
    Flatlined Games will target niche markets in the boardgames market, and address these niches globally with multilingual editions.

    Flatlined Games will also market small games targeted at a much borader public, which will be available trough the regular distribution market.

    Eric Hanuise is the owner of Flatlined Games. With Frederic Moyersoen he is co-designer of Batt'l Kha'os, published in 2009 by Z-Man Games.

    Contact info

    Eric Hanuise
    eric.hanuise at flatlinedgames dot com
    39 rue gheude
    1070 Anderlecht

  • Scooby Do: Escape from the Haunted Mansion

    An escape room style game where you get to be one of the Scooby gang.

  • Second Printing of Fantasy Flight's Mansions of Madness Corrects Errors - Set of Corrected Cards Promised in First Expansion

    The first printing of Fantasy Flight's Mansions of Madness, unfortunately contained several game spoiling errors and misprints in it's rules and cards. Fantasy Flight's updated, as of 6/3/2011,  Errata and FAQs now states that these errors have been corrected in the second printing, which can be recognized by the MAR11 printed in it's barcode. Unfortunately the second printing has some errors of it's own.

    The updated errata also confirms, as many gamers predicted, that a corrected set of cards will be included in an expansion, stating:

    While some errata has been revised in the second printing of the game, we will include a corrected set of all known misprinted cards in the first (non-print on demand) Mansions of Madness expansion.

    The full Errata and FAQs can be found here.

  • Secret Satan 2016 Follow-Up - Operation: Drop Pod Report

    F:AT, You Done Good!

  • Secret Weapons of the Third Reich now in pre-order

    Secret Weapons of the Third Reich, a strategy game designed by Calvinus Games in 2015, is now published by 4Dados (Spain) and is available in pre-order for Essen as announced here:

  • Secret Weapons of the Third Reich now released

    The Allies are marching to Berlin, will you complete the secret weapons to turn the tide of war?Secret Weapons of the Third Reich is a weirdly addictive semi-cooperative, semi-competitive worker placement board game for 1 - 4 players, designed for all fans of science fiction and alternate history.

    After several months of intense play-testing, the first edition of Secret Weapons of the Third Reich is now finally ready!

    Secret Weapons of the Third Reich is a semi-cooperative and semi-competitive worker placement game simulating arms development in Nazi Germany during World War II, designed for all fans of science fiction and alternate history. Players will discover and recreate what has been hidden behind the weird allegations and incredible tales of Nazi technology: from the secret submarine bases in Greenland to the mysterious Base 211 in Neuschwabenland, Antarctica. From the famous V-1 buzz bombs and V-2 rockets to the unlikely flying saucers derived from the work of Nikola Tesla, and so on to the German Nuclear Plan or even the unbelievable orbital solar gun conceived by Hermann Oberth!

    The game can be purchased on TheGameCrafter.

    All game details, photos and videos can be found here.

    Have fun!

  • Shenandoah Studio Releases

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania December 10, 2012 – Shenandoah Studio will release their first offering, Battle of the Bulge, for the Apple iPad and iPad Mini this Thursday, December 13th. Conceived by award-winning game designer John Butterfield, Battle of the Bulgeis the first of its kind on iPad: a serious wargame and simulation, based upon the best design practices and traditions of board wargaming, married with the iPad’s intuitive touch-based user interface. Mobile gamers can play on their own against cunning computer opponents, online with friends, or “pass the pad” face-to-face. The game’s turn-based structure, combined with Apple’s GameCenter, allows players to receive turns from their opponents and send them back in their own time, playing when their schedule allows. Gamers will be able to play a serious wargame, however and whenever they want.

  • Sidereal Conflunece Being Remastered!

    Remaster trading and negotiation in the Elysian quadrant.

  • Sit Down! Announces Rockwell, designed by Bruno Crépeault

    After Wiraqocha in 2011 and Karnag in 2012, Sit Down! is proud to publish his third boardgame in late October: ROCKWELL, designed by Bruno Crépeault, and still illustrated by Yuio.

    300 boxes only will be available at the SPIEL '13 fair (Essen, from 24th to 27th October), the remaining quantity being delivered to shops within next month.

    We invite you to visit us at SPIEL '13 in Essen, on our booth 3-P118 (which we will be sharing together with Ludonaute, LocWorks, Grosso Modo and Plato magazine).

    Discover, order or book ROCKWELL right now by visiting our website (booking picking up must be made before saturday, 12:00 AM).

    Hope to see you running a mining company in ROCKWELL,


  • Small World of Warcraft Coming this Summer

    A new day dawns on Azeroth. A day like every one before it, and every one after. A day of merciless struggle for the control of the World of Warcraft. Not only is this Small World territory far too tight for everyone, it also hosts the never-ending conflict between the factions of the Alliance and the Horde. Dawn has broken and the time has come to take your place on the front lines.

  • Smugglers and Assassins Preview Two Figure Packs for Imperial Assault



    Smugglers and Assassins

    “You should have paid him when you had the chance. Jabba’s put a price on your head so large, every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for you.”
       –Greedo, Star Wars: A New Hope

    The galaxy is a dangerous place. Smugglers risk their lives moving valuable and illegal cargo past Imperial patrols, and anyone can become the target of a trained bounty hunter. These low-lifes make up the seedy underworld of Star Wars™, and you can bring that underworld to your games of Imperial Assault with the Han Solo Ally Pack and the IG-88 Villain Pack!

  • SNAFU...Isn't it though?

    Following on the heels of the insurgent 2010 cult smash Incursion, Grindhouse Games releases SNAFU: a 64 page perfect bound book that contains 19 new missions: including two player games, solo play, multi-player, and even some missions which utilize both sides of the board. The book also contains rules for new characters, and up-to-date FAQ, painting tutorials, and loads of fictional bits. 12 new white metal miniatures kits are available separately to represent the new characters in the book or expand upon previous options. Finally, a set of free print and play resources are available for download: a few counters and cards as well as some standees for folks who don't dig on heavy metal.

  • Sneak Peek - Earth Reborn Sculpts from Z-man Games

    F:ATies get the first sneak peek at the awesome sculpts for Earth Reborn. Click on the images to enlarge and appreciate.

    Zev, from Z-man tells us that Earth Reborn is scheduled to release in October or November. They hope to have a playable copy at Gen Con.



  • Sneak Peek of Official Reprint of Dune from Gale Force Nine

    Today at GAMA, Gale Force Nine revealed a sneak peek of their upcoming reprint of the board game classic Dune.
  • Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery 2020 Edition Coming this Spring from Gale Force 9

    The re-release of Gale Force Nines' much-loved title, Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery!

  • Speed Up Your Games: Announcing the STAR WARS (TM): Armada Maneuver Tool Accessory Pack



    Speed Up Your Games

    “Set your course for the Hoth system.”
        –Darth Vader

    The Star Destroyers are on their way,  Star Wars™: Armada is coming, and Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce that the Star Wars™: Armada Maneuver Tool will be made available to players as an Armada accessory pack!